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Software and Web Developer Diploma

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Interested in becoming a Software and Web Developer? You might be eligible to receive up to 100% of your tuition covered at Academy of Learning Career College if you meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of British Columbia (BC)
  • 19 years of age or older
  • Unemployed, on EI or working part time

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In the Software and Web Developer diploma program, students learn the most in-demand coding languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students then broaden their skill set with a strong foundation in SQL, C#, and the .NET Framework that will lead to additional opportunities in the world of software development. Graduates can expect to excel in the essentials of computer programming - and enjoy successful careers in IT!

You will:

  • Design the appearance and layout of websites
  • Develop cross-browser and cross-platform websites
  • Create and optimize content for websites using graphics, databases, animations, and other software
  • Translate wire frames and storyboards into functional, responsive websites
  • Work with MySQL databases and SQL scripting
  • Use the .NET Framework to create robust web applications

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program may pursue a variety of positions in software development, including web developer, front end web developer, software developer, HTML / CSS developer, and Javascript / jQuery developer.

Core Courses

  • Keyboarding: Minimum 25 words per minute (WPM)
  • Operating Systems: Intermediate level of proficiency with Windows 
  • Software Development: Industry Computer and Technology Basics for Developers, Overview of Software Development
  • Software and Web Development: Skills Version Control, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, JavaScript, Visual Studio, C#, .NET Framework
  • Database Skills: Intermediate level of proficiency in Microsoft Access, Database and SQL 
  • Presentations: Basic level of proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Word Processing and Spreadsheets: Basic level of proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel 
  • Office Skills: Personal Computer Fundamentals, basic level of proficiency in Microsoft Outlook and Internet Fundamentals 
  • Business Skills: Customer Service, Project Management

Admission Requirements

There are no specific requirements before beginning training. If you're looking to build exceptional end-to-end programming solutions that help businesses succeed, your new career starts here!

Gain the skillset, experience and confidence to become a Software and Web Developer

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Earn a Diploma or Certificate and begin an exciting new career in less than a year! We offer 4-12 month programs so you can confidently get your new career started as soon as possible.

Why choose Academy of Learning Career College?

Learn at your own pace

Flexible hours and online learning allow you to easily balance your current work and family obligations, while investing in your education and your future. We ensure a comfortable, safe and friendly learning environment for all adult learners.

Hands-on training

AOLCC recognizes that every learner is unique. Our exclusive Integrated Learning System™ helps students read, write, listen, practice, discuss, and create their way to success. Plus, topic-expert Learning Coaches are available to provide one-on-one support.

What sets us apart?

It is no accident that Academy of Learning Career College is Canada’s largest career college network. What is the secret to our success? Any of our 100,000+ graduates will tell you it’s our unique approach to training – we meet you where you are and guide you where you want to go, while being mindful of your time, finances and responsibilities outside of school. Plus, our proprietary Integrated Learning™ System provides the best learning experience, while allowing the freedom to learn at your own pace and maximizing learning outcomes.

World-class Integrated Learning System

AOLCC’s key differentiator is the Integrated Learning System™. It combines features of an in-class environment with eLearning to deliver an unparalleled learner experience. ILS focuses on the learner unlike any other method of delivery.

Through ILS, you are:

  • In control of your own learning – navigate content and repeat it as many times as you’d like
  • Exposed to content specifically designed to optimize your understanding and retention, based on proven cognitive principles of learning
  • Guided and motivated by a supportive learning coach
  • Afforded flexibility with your scheduling
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"Within a few months I had completed my course, received my certification and been given several good leads on local IT jobs through my connections at Academy of Learning College. The Director was helpful and went out of her way to assist me in securing funding and to find and implement a program of study that I could work at part-time in conjunction with my current job."


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